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For your Website to be a success you must maintain it.
If you expect visitors to return, you must provide them with fresh content to keep your site up to date.

Some sites are not intended to be visited frequently, so they can remain unchanged for some time. If yours is one of them, don't put a date on the site, and don't put anything there that can get obviously out of date for example: pointers to upcoming events.
"We can create the best cost effective website maintenance solution for you and your needs"

Most sites are looking for repeat visitors, or need to include information that does become dated, so they need to be changed more often. To attract repeat visitors, you need to have something new to offer at regular -- and relatively short -- intervals.

Why you need to maintain your website

Having a Website can mean your job is never done. The internet is an ever changing market place and to ensure your continued success your site must change with it. Maintenance of a Website is performed for the following reasons.

To enhance and / or improve the content & layout.
To update or add additional information.
To respond or add visitor's comments / recommendations.
For Search Engine ranking popularity

Keeping a Website current isn't a gimmick.

If your site is not updated regularly
, visitors will not bother to return. If you don't occasionally offer new information or resources, you're not giving visitors any reason to return. No matter how well publicised your site is, if you don't maintain it, it will decline in popularity.

Keep it simple. Creating new and complicated web pages, will only mean more work for you.

Be reliable, If you promise monthly updates, make sure you live up to your word. Do not offer anything that you can not deliver.

So where do you start?

Take a look at your website, view it as your customers would see it. Are there any outdated products, events or programs? Do you now offer new services that aren't listed or list old ones you no longer provide? Have you renovated and your website's still showing old photos?
Is the design and layout a bit dated and could do with some sprucing up?

If you think we can help
contact us with your ideas and changes
...bring your website back to date.
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